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Seattle, WA

Close up of Teeth Whitening in Seattle, Washington with Crown Hill SmilesIt is an understandable urge to want a brighter, whiter smile. Fortunately, our team at Crown Hill Smiles can provide professional cosmetic teeth-whitening treatments.

Is An Expert Whitening Procedure Worthwhile?

Expert whitening is known as bleaching. Bleaching does not make the teeth cleaner directly. Bleaching changes their color to a desirable shade. Our team will apply a gel-like substance with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide to our patient’s teeth. The active ingredient - hydrogen peroxide - is the prime reason why the teeth become whiter.

The Basics of a Whitening Procedure

After cleaning off the plaque on the teeth, our professionals protect the rest of the mouth by placing a barrier to separate the teeth from soft tissue that can become irritated by the gel. Next, our professionals will then add the gel itself to the teeth and then use a special light to make the whitening process quicker and more effective. This will be repeated until the desired shade is achieved. The overall procedure and visit will take less than an hour. After the patient leaves they can now enjoy their new smile.

Benefits of Dental Bleaching

Bleaching delivers swifter and more effective results than over-the-counter whitening treatments. Bleaching is safe and comfortable due to the custom trays that protect the untreated parts of the mouth from the gel. Bleaching can remove both external and internal stains, as opposed to over-the-counter whiteners which only treat external stains. And although the up-front cost of bleaching may be more than the cost of an over-the-counter whitening kit, the effects of bleaching will last far longer than the effects of an over-the-counter whitening kit, saving the patient money in the long run.

Issues to Consider before Undergoing Bleaching

Bleaching can wear down the teeth’s enamel, which means that bleaching is not a viable option for patients with significant oral health care problems. Whereas the effects of bleaching last longer than the effects of over-the-counter whitening kits, bleaching will eventually need to be repeated to maintain white teeth.

Keeping Your Teeth Gorgeous After Your Visit

The whitening effects from the procedure can be maintained with toothpaste that contains whitening properties such as hydrogen peroxide (what our professionals use during the bleaching procedure). In addition, patients will want to avoid food and beverages notorious for staining. Unless patients are avoiding drinking a large amount of coffee and red wine, patients may find their bright smile darkening very quickly. The same applies when tomatoes and berries are frequently consumed. Moderation is key with eating and drinking these items so be aware of the risks and enjoy them with caution.

If You Need a Brighter Smile, Contact Us

Our team at Crown Hill Smiles definitely thinks it's worthwhile to get your teeth professionally whitened. If you are disappointed with the color of your teeth at the moment and want results now, our professionals will give you the smile that you are looking for. You can call our office at (206) 204-9623 if you wish to arrange an appointment with our professionals or have any questions you would like to ask.
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Our team at Crown Hill Smiles thinks it's worthwhile to get your teeth professionally whitened. You can call our office today if you wish to arrange an appointment.
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